Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gred D - SWAC Drama


Devious - All The Devious Things I Did


Mobo Click - Self Titled


Ruthles Juveniles - Greatest Hits


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Music from the Series Treme

I hope yall been checking out Treme, if not yall missin out.Here are some rare classics from Treme that U might have missed or that U never heard before.Check em out.

The Wild Magnolias - They call us wild


Louis Prima - The Wildest


Allen Toussaint - Miss Nights


Kermit Ruffins


Rebirth Brass Band - 1994 - Rollin'.rar


Ernie K Doe absolutely the best


Dr. John - Gris Gris.zip


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dogg House Click


1. Strapped with my 45
2. For my stripes
3. Badd ass
4. Keepin it real
5. Serving M' up
6. Ride or die
7. Riding mugging
8. Can't stop
9. The hustlers game
10. Keep it real
11. This is what it is about
12. Player's ball
13. Laws tryin to get harder

BlaXuede - dey don't kno (1999)


1​.​ ​I​n​t​r​o
2​.​ ​B​a​t​t​l​e​ ​B​l​a​x​u​e​d​e​ ​f​e​a​t​.​ ​M​r​.​5​0​4
3​.​ ​B​r​i​n​g​ ​D​a​ ​P​a​i​n​ ​f​e​a​t​.​ ​T​u​r​k​ ​&​ ​L​i​l​ ​W​a​y​n​e
4​.​ ​D​e​y​ ​D​o​n​'​t​ ​K​n​o
5​.​ ​D​a​ ​S​h​e​e​t​z
6​.​ ​A​b​o​u​t​ ​D​a​ ​P​a​p​e​r
7​.​ ​F​e​e​l​ ​I​t​ ​C​o​m​i​n​g
8​.​ ​W​h​e​r​e​ ​M​y​ ​N​i​g​g​a​s​ ​A​t​ ​f​e​a​t​.​ ​M​r​.​5​0​4
9​.​ ​D​o​n​'​t​ ​F​u​c​k​ ​W​i​t​h​ ​U​s​ ​f​e​a​t​.​ ​B​.​G​.
1​0​.​ ​S​k​i​t
1​1​. ​ ​D​r​e​a​m​i​n​g
1​2​.​ ​N​.​O​.​ ​B​e​ ​D​a​ ​C​i​t​y​ ​f​e​a​t​.​ ​L​i​l​'​K​e​e​n​a​n
1​3​.​ ​I​ ​t​h​o​u​g​h​t​ ​I​ ​T​o​l​d​ ​Y​a
1​4​.​ ​W​h​a​t​ ​Y​a​ ​G​o​n​n​a​ ​D​o
1​5​.​ ​T​h​e​ ​O​n​l​y​ ​L​a​d​y
1​6​.​ ​D​e​a​t​h​ ​T​o​ ​T​h​e​ ​F​a​k​e​r​s
1​7​.​ ​O​u​t​r​o

Black Menace - The IV Horsemen


Black Menace - The IV Horsemen (New Orleans, LA) [2001]

01. Bring It On
02. Wha Cha'll Wanna Do
03. Who Da Realist
04. Woo (Skit)
05. Black Queen
06. Aw Aw
07. Boys From Boot Camp
08. Bitch Niggas
09. Skit (Special Delivery)
10. Must Be That Phya
11. Da N.O.
12. Tired
13. Madness
14. Skit (Atlanta, Ga)
15. Da IV Horsemen
16. Prodigy
17. Still a Boot Camp Thang

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