Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clearing the Air

I would like to say thank you to everyone that visits this site.After Katrina I lost my entire music collection and with the help of Louisiana rap,bottom of the map,str8muthafucka,deadly grounds,Twankle & glisten and others I have been able to obtain many of the music that was lost.So now I created this blog to bring other Louisiana rarities not found on other la. based blogs to everyone else who were in the same boat as me. I do not upload the links, but I get the links from other blogs sites.I try to consolidate as much La. based music as possible.So with that being said I do not make any money from this site.I make zero,zilch,nothing, nada from it lol.I have an actual job and I do this for fun.So with that being said , if I borrowed your link, I am just trying to bring the people familiar to our music to my site because they may not be familiar with yours.They probably never heard of some of that other shit you are posting so I think it would be beneficial to consolidate all of the La. links.Like I said I do not make a dime off this site.It is not like I work for XXL ,Sohh,or The Source.So simply put, stop your bitching and belling aching if i borrowed your links. If you think about that shit belongs to none of us;It belongs to the artists. Read the disclaimer lol. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the music,but for real chill out with all the shit talking.We do not work Universal or Viacom.

Thank You and Good day!



Anonymous said...

amen. its great when people complain about jacking music that is no way theirs. even it took you 2 months to make some killer 10-cd comp, ITS STILL AINT YOURS lol. oh well. never stop the blog. i love it. peace.

ilconnection said...

Hey man I just borrow the links, I don't upload them.